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Introduction to B-shaped metal decorative mesh

Date:2023/6/21 10:38:11  Times:

The B-shaped metal decorative mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel wire and stainless steel flat wire, with a simple and elegant weaving structure and transparent effect, making it more widely used. In addition, compared to other metal mesh curtain partitions, it has advantages such as lower cost and durability.

The characteristics of the B-shaped metal decorative mesh are: arbitrary size, arbitrary color, easy installation, strong functionality, vivid decorative effect, and use in various complex places.
SLZSW-AH2 is a new type of decorative material for building decoration and high-end home decoration.
Product Usage: The B-shaped metal decorative mesh has high strength, consolidation, easy maintenance, strong functionality, vivid and strong decoration effect, and can excellent maintain the construction structure. Its structure is simple and atmospheric; Elegant appearance. Widely used for building facades, indoor partitions, screens, suspended ceilings, walls, curtains, balconies, and corridors.
Widely used in high-end office areas, airports, hotels, exhibition halls, opera houses, shopping malls, bars, private residences, and other high-end interior and exterior decoration. The well shaped decorative metal mesh is composed of metal bars or metal cables woven, and the materials used include stainless steel and high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel.