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Classification of stainless steel mesh

Date:2023/10/10 11:00:47  Times:
Classification of stainless steel mesh
1. Barbecue net: Barbecue net is a common type of stainless steel net, mainly used for grilling food. Its characteristic is good breathability and corrosion resistance, which can withstand high temperatures and facilitate cleaning.
2. Building network: Building network is mainly used in the construction field as a reinforcing material for reinforced concrete structures, improving the strength and seismic performance of buildings. Building networks have strong tensile strength and ductility, and can adapt to various complex shapes of building structures.
3. Welding mesh: Welding mesh is a type of stainless steel mesh mainly used in areas where current passes, such as distribution boxes, electrical bridges, etc. It has good conductivity and electromagnetic interference resistance, as well as good corrosion resistance and aesthetics.