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Application Fields of Stainless Steel Mesh

Date:2023/10/10 11:00:25  Times:
Application Fields of Stainless Steel Mesh
1. Construction field: In the construction field, stainless steel mesh is widely used in reinforced concrete structures as a grid like reinforcement material to improve the strength and seismic performance of buildings.
2. Petrochemical: In the petrochemical industry, stainless steel mesh is often used as a catalyst carrier, filtering material, and anti-corrosion coating.
3. Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, stainless steel mesh has become an ideal material for various storage tanks, pipelines, and reactors due to its corrosion resistance.
4. Automotive manufacturing: In the automotive manufacturing industry, stainless steel mesh is used to manufacture automotive components, such as filters and silencers, to improve the safety and durability of automobiles.
5. Other fields: In addition to the above application fields, stainless steel mesh is also widely used in fields such as electronics, aerospace, food processing, etc.