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Stainless steel decorative mesh partition screen

Date:2023/7/7 9:31:29  Times:
1、 Nowadays, stainless steel partition screens are a highly decorative product that is very suitable for decoration in various high-end industries, private clubs, and other occasions. For high-end clubs, facade decoration is the most important. When consumers enter the club, their first impression of the space often affects their impression. So, many high-end clubs spare no effort in decorating their storefronts to enhance their first impression in the minds of consumers. Recently, a survey showed that high-end clubhouses often use metal mesh curtains and stainless steel decorative mesh as partition screens for their exterior and interior partitions. The unique texture and color of metal partition screens can give people a magnificent feeling. In decoration, as long as metal decoration is used, it appears that the overall decoration style is very noble and elegant, very artistic and imposing. The architectural decorative mesh used in partitions and screens not only has the sturdy and stable characteristics of stainless steel itself, but also has unparalleled advantages and characteristics in terms of color. And the true color of this metal will not change no matter how long it takes. Time has passed, and no matter how long it takes, what we see is still this bright and colorful color, which is also one of its advantages. In addition, many facade decorations and physical home decor also use decorative metal mesh. 2、 Common Types of Screens 3. Articles related to Screens 1. Summarize the characteristics of metal partition screens. Metal partition screens have a common texture, rich colors, durability, and diverse shapes, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials. It is lightweight, as long as it is one-fifth that of marble and one-third that of glass curtain walls, greatly reducing the load on the building structure and foundation, and has low maintenance costs and high cost-effectiveness. Firstly, the treatment process for metal partition screens can be divided into two methods: anodizing and electrostatic spraying. The anodizing film is generally larger than 12mu, and the color is only bronze and white, which is monotonous and has serious drawbacks. The exterior color of each aluminum plate on the hat is different, and many curtain wall panels together make up the overall effect of the curtain wall, which is very ugly. This disadvantage cannot be eliminated, not because of the production process, but because the aluminum plate is not a batch, there are slight differences in chemical composition, and factors such as electrolyte current density during oxidation cannot be completely the same. Therefore, the colors after oxidation are different, and a single appearance may not be obvious if everything is obvious. Therefore, the surface treatment of aluminum curtain walls cannot be anodized. The metal partition screen of curtain wall is generally 2-4mm aluminum alloy plate. When producing the wall plate, the metal plate shall be processed according to the requirements of the Quadratic programming, directly bent, four corners welded into a tight groove, and the back wall plate shall be welded through high pressure. Fix and strengthen the bolts with bolts. After the metal plate is processed, spray fluorocarbon paint. 2. With the continuous improvement of people's decoration concepts, the pursuit of color matching has been maximized. Decorating a house is no longer a monotonous light color. Blindness? The disorderly metal decorative mesh products allow us to decorate the Li Gong room