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Curtain wall metal decorative mesh decorative structure partition

Date:2021/1/2 11:43:21  Times:

Curtain wall metal decorative mesh decorative structure partition
The curtain wall metal decorative net is hung on the main structure, which is composed of the support structure system and the panel, and does not share the load and role of the main structure, such as building envelope, partition structure or decorative space structure.
Suspension: columns in the support system are usually members with large slenderness ratio, and their tensile bearing capacity is much greater than the compression bearing capacity. During the design of decorative woven mesh for building curtain wall, the bottom of the rod shall be fixed and the lower end can be retracted; When it is necessary to design a vertical compression bar, the stability of the bar shall be calculated.
Main structure of curtain wall metal decoration net: refers to the beam and column frame structure of the building, mostly reinforced concrete; It has developed into light steel structure in recent years. The load is transferred to the foundation through the decorative woven mesh of the building curtain wall.
Curtain wall metal decoration net support system: supported by frame (column and beam): rod, cable, truss, etc.