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How long can I stay after installing metal decorative mesh?

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How long can I stay after installing metal decorative mesh?
Metal decoration net is incomparable to other decoration products in terms of decoration effect. At present, many hotel office buildings and hotels use such products for decoration, and even some families use metal decoration net for decoration. So some friends will ask: How long can you stay after installing the metal decorative mesh?
If your room is only installed with metal decorative mesh, you can check in immediately after installation. Because the decorative materials selected for the metal decoration net are environment-friendly and pollution-free, do not contain any rubber products, and will not release formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other volatile toxic gases.
If your room is completely decorated, it is recommended that you wait more than two months before moving in, and keep ventilation for a long time during these two months. Because newly decorated houses also have a large number of rubber decorative materials, newly purchased homes will also release a large number of toxic volatile gases. And the release cycle of these toxic gases is as long as 3-15 years.
Toxic gases released from decoration materials are very harmful to human health, mainly in the following aspects:
1. It affects the immune ability of the human body and damages the liver, nerves and central system.
2. Damage to eyes, nose, throat, respiratory tract and skin to varying degrees.
3. Living in this environment for a long time will induce chronic diseases and shorten life.
4. In serious cases, it may cause cancer, fetal malformation, infertility, etc.
5. Toxic gas also has a great impact on children's development, resulting in memory decline and slow growth.
Because formaldehyde has a strong stimulating effect on skin viscosity, the skin becomes dry after contact, the sweat secretion decreases, the excretion of excreta in the body is affected, and the metabolism is slowed down.
The newly renovated house gives you the following suggestions:
It is suggested that people should not rush to live in the newly decorated house, and let the poisonous gas in the home be released as soon as possible. The best and most economical way to release toxic gas is ventilation. Ventilation can not only reduce the concentration of toxic gas in the room, but also facilitate the release of toxic gas and shorten its release cycle. You can plant some green plants indoors, such as flowers and plants. The green pineapple is a very good drug taking plant, and the price is very cheap.
The above is the summary of Qingyun metal decoration net manufacturer based on our long-term installation experience and life experience. I hope it will be helpful to you. The metal decorative mesh products produced by our factory are pollution-free. Environmentally friendly products. There is no volatile toxic gas. You can use it with confidence.