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What are the materials of decorative metal mesh?

Date:2023/12/7 5:24:34  Times:
What are the materials of decorative metal mesh?
There are various materials for decorative metal mesh, including aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and stainless steel.
Aluminum alloy materials have the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high stiffness. After anodizing and coloring treatment, its surface has various bright colors, good light and climate resistance, and can also be coated with a strong and transparent electrophoretic paint film, making it more beautiful and suitable after coating.
Copper alloy lines are made of alloy copper, also known as "brass", which has high strength, good wear resistance, and is not corroded. After processing, the surface has a golden yellow luster.
Stainless steel lines have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and resistance to climate change. The surface is as smooth as a mirror, with good decorative effects, making it a high-end decorative material.
The metal decorative net is composed of metal bars or metal cables woven together. According to the weaving form of the fabric, various patterns are formed by horizontal metal bars passing through vertical metal cables. The materials used include stainless steel and high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel. After special treatments such as gold plating, silver plating, titanium plating, tin plating, etc., the surface presents various other colors. It has a wide range of application fields, significant decorative effects, and has become a new favorite of mainstream architectural art.

Overall, there are various material options for decorative metal mesh, and suitable materials can be selected based on specific usage environments and decoration needs.

What are the materials of decorative metal mesh?