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Application of wire drawing technology in metal decorative mesh

Date:2021/1/23 10:11:36  Times:

Application of wire drawing technology in metal decorative mesh
Drawing process refers to the production process of scraping lines on aluminum or stainless steel plates by sandpaper grinding. Its production industry is mainly divided into three parts: degreasing, polishing and washing. In the process of wire drawing and polishing, the special coating technology after anodic treatment can make the metal surface generate a protective layer containing this metal component. The trace of each wire drawing can be clearly seen. So that the matte metal has fine hair lines. In recent years, many metal products have adopted wire drawing technology, which not only has played a beautiful decorative effect, but also improved the corrosion resistance of metal. This is the reason why the drawing process is loved by everyone. In recent years, Qingyun decoration net manufacturers have introduced wire drawing technology into the metal decoration net industry.
We polish the surface of the metal decorative mesh, and can polish different lines and colors to improve the glossiness and delicate feel of the decorative mesh. The higher the glossiness, the finer the feel.