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Aluminum stretch decorative mesh

Date:2023/1/3 12:01:05  Times:

Aluminum stretch decorative mesh, with firm holes and long service life, is widely used, mainly for architectural decoration, protection of mechanical equipment, handicraft manufacturing, and high-grade speaker mesh. Highway guardrails, fencing for stadiums and green belts on roads. Heavy steel plate mesh can be used for pedal mesh of oil tanker, working platform, escalator and walkway of heavy machinery and boiler, oil mine well, locomotive, 10000 ton ship, etc. Roads and bridges are used as reinforcement.

It is also used in national defense, industry, railway and highway, shipbuilding, coal, light industry and textile, building materials, agriculture and sidelines, aquaculture, gardens, minerals, petrochemical industry, household appliances, integrated ceiling, door and window anti-theft, safe passage, corridor stair baffle, tables, chairs, benches, vents, various frames and shelves carrying goods, etc.