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Animal safety fence

Date:2024/1/4 9:32:17  Times:
Animal safety fence Animal safety fence

Animal safety fence, also known as animal protection fence or animal containment fence, is a kind of fence specifically designed for animal protection and containment. It is usually used in the following scenarios:

Animal parks, zoos and other places that need to contain animals to prevent them from escaping or wandering freely.

Farms and ranches that need to protect livestock and poultry from predators and thieves.

Experimental animals in scientific research institutions need to be contained in a certain space to ensure the safety of the animals and the accuracy of the experimental results.

The animal safety fence usually needs to take into account the characteristics of the animals, such as height, strength, jumping ability, etc., and should also consider the impact of climate, soil and other factors. In addition, the fence material should also pay attention to its durability, corrosion resistance and stability. In general, animal safety fences should be designed according to local conditions, and choose appropriate materials and construction methods to ensure the safety of animals and achieve good containment effect.