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Spiral decorative wire mesh

Date:2023/1/3 12:00:19  Times:

The stainless steel spiral decorative mesh is a kind of metal decorative mesh, which is composed of stainless steel bars and spirals. The surface can show various colors after special treatment such as gold plating, silver plating, titanium plating, tin plating, baking varnish and other processes according to the designer's intention or the owner's requirements. The application of stainless steel spiral mesh is widespread, and the decorative effect is remarkable, which has become the new favorite of mainstream architectural art.

Stainless steel spiral mesh is applied to architectural decoration. When it is used for outdoor curtain walls, due to the unique robustness of its metal materials, it can easily resist the attack of adverse weather factors such as storms, and is easy to maintain. From the perspective of viewing, stainless steel spiral mesh has the texture characteristics of textiles, giving people aesthetic visual enjoyment. When applied to indoor ceiling or partition, its unique material permeability and unique metal texture leave more aesthetic fun.

Stainless steel spiral mesh is mostly used for the partition of exhibition halls, hotels, luxury living rooms, screen decoration, high-end office buildings, luxury Wuting, business halls, large shopping centers, sports centers, and other interior and exterior decoration. The roof, walls, stairs, railings, etc. of characteristic buildings have a good decoration effect on young ladies, and also play a certain role in protection.